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Calculated Industries was founded in 1978. This company is one of the country's leading manufactures of specialty calculators and measuring tools.

The following are included with all of the calculators below:

  • Battery saving automatic shut-off
  • Easy-to-follow user's guide
  • Sturdy vinyl case
  • Long-life battery
  • Full 1 year warranty

4015 - Measure Master Classic Feet-Inch-Fraction and Metric Calculator

This calculator is designed for working with linear, area. and volume calculations. Solves many dimensional and shop math layout problems. Work in/convert to any dimensional format including circle solutions, weight per volume, unit pricing and more. Ideal for tradesman, fabricators, designers, woodworkers, craftsman, and technicians.


  • Dimensional math & conversions
  • Handles all fractions: 1/2's through 1/64's
  • Solves area, volume, and circle solutions
  • Figure material cost/estimation
  • Paperless tape feature

The price of the 4015 is $29.95.



8015 - Ultra Measure Master Calculator

Over 400 of the most common construction conversion combinations built-in! Ideal for international or US-based engineers, contractors, scientists, architects, inspectors or anyone dealing with scientific/physical unit conversions.


  • Linear distance conversions
  • Solve area and volumetric problems
  • Figures weights
  • Converts linear velocity
  • Flow rate and temperature unit conversions
  • Converts pressure units
  • Perform dimensional math (including fractions)

The price of the 8015 is $49.95.



6020 - Scale Master Classic

Obtain fast, accurate take-offs from blueprints in any scale. Ideal for contractors, estimators, engineers, architects, and other professionals. 72 built-in scales, 6 custom scales, 2 built-in memories. Easy-to-read display shows measurement in feet-inches, metric, and other dimensional units. Calculates rectangular area and cubic volume automatically. Works in metric and imperial.


  • Instant linear, rectangular area, and volume takeoffs
  • 72 built-in scales: architectural, engineering, map, metric
  • Small, lightweight and portable (fits in your pocket)
  • Use it like a pen - just roll and measure
  • Convert between scales and dimensions
  • Custom scales for plans that are reduced/enlarged
  • Calculate rectangular area/volume (L x W x H)
  • Lock switch - locks in mode/scale you are working in
  • Subtract, counter, and more

The price of the 6020 is $59.95.

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