143 Digital Caliper

This item is a great value! It reads in both millimeters and inches and has a locking mechanism. The range is 6" and the graduations are .001"/.01MM. Swiss precision crafted for accuracy. Allows for 4-way measurement: outside, inside, depth, and step. Easy to adjust zero and durable construction of fiberglass reinforced super polyamide.

The price of the 143 is $97.95.

145 Dial Caliper

This caliper has increments in inches, a range of 6", and .001" graduations. The smooth movement and easy to read dial make the 145 an economical yet professional tool. Fiberglass reinforced nylon construction.

The price of the 145 is $44.95.


721 Utility Vernier Caliper

This caliper has increments in inches, a range of 5", and graduations in 32nds/16ths. Quality stainless steel vernier has a magnifier to make the increments easy to read.

The price of the 721 is $14.95.


54-200-777 ProMax-Cal

This Fowler caliper measures both in inches and metric with just a push of a button,. The 6" range and clear readout make this the ideal tool for a multitude of jobs. Accuracy to .001" (.02mm) with resolution to .0005" (.01mm). This product comes with a full three year warranty.

The price of the 54-200-777 is $179.95.


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