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PANTONE Formula Guides


The new 2005 editions have been redesigned in a larger format which provides more color area with which to work, improved readability of important color data and better accessibility to all colors on the pages. The formula guide is an essential tool for graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers. Its simple design provides a convenient and portable reference that can accompany you at client presentations or on press. The 1201 two-guide set contains 1,114 PANTONE Colors on coated and uncoated stock The 1202 three-guide set contains 1,114 PANTONE Colors on coated, uncoated and matte stocks.

The GP 1201 PANTONE Formula Quide Set Coated, Uncoated is priced at $92.00


The GP 1202 PANTONE Formula Guide Set Coated, Uncoated, Matte is priced at $125.00





PANTONE Solid Chips


The new 2005 edition has been redesigned in a larger format which provides 25% percent more color area per chip and improved handling. These sets include six perforated chips for each solid PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Color, making it easy to select, specify and communicate color on coated, uncoated or matte stocks. Attach color reference chips to artwork and digital files to ensure that you get a perfect match every time.

The GP1203 PANTONE Solid Color Chips Coated, Uncoated is priced at $249.00


The GP1204 PANTONE Solid Color Chips Coated, Uncoated, Matte is priced at $299.00


Note: Individual replacement pages are available for all Chip Book formats. Order multiple - 4 of same page. Contact us for details.


PANTONE Color Cue 2

Capture your color inspiration!

The new Color Cue™2 lets you identify the colors that inspire you and match PANTONE® Colors wherever you go. Combining two PANTONE Libraries in one hand-held device, the new Color Cue™2 enables you to cross match any material or surface to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and PANTONE for fashion and home or PANTONE for architecture and interiors color palettes. Move effortlessly from inspiration to realization. Integrating a desired color into your designs has never been easier. The sleek, new Color Cue™2 is ergonomically designed and loaded with features that make it easier to use. Features include:
- Two complete PANTONE Libraries in one device.
- Identifies neighborhood colors - lighter/darker colors, redder/greener colors, yellower/blues colors, close colors.
- Larger multi-line color display


The GEB 103 PANTONE Color Cue 2 is priced at $349.00




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