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Pastel Formula Guide & Chips

Incorporate the soft, delicate touch of pastels in your design work.


GG 1208 PANTONE Pastel Formula Guide Coated, Uncoated: For quieter but versatile designs. When the situation calls for a softer palette, this expanded guide helps specify even more subtle colors. Now features 154 PANTONE Pastel Colors arranged chromatically on both coated and uncoated
stocks, complete with ink formulas.

The price of the GG 1208 is $69.00



GB 1205 PANTONE Pastel Chips Coated, Uncoated: The PANTONE pastel chips book offers six specification chips for each PANTONE pastel color. You get 154 soft, subtle shades to choose from.

The price of the GB 1205 is $199.00






A new way to look at tints!


After a year in research and development, the new PANTONE tints sports numerous enhancements. Re-engineered for greater utility, it is now presented as a four-volume fan guide set featuring tint effects that bleed off the page for press check ease. We’ve also increased the size of each tint, brightened and increased the durability of the paper stock and show each color printed as a thin and thick rule.


The GP 1205 PANTONE Tints Four-Guide Set is priced at $249.00




PANTONE Essentials and Reference Library

True to its name, PANTONE essentials includes six indispensable color guides that every print and graphic design professional should have to ensure quality results.

Formerly known as the ultimate survival kit, this value package offers a cost-effective way to upgrade your Pantone collection with a full set of the latest guides. You’ll get everything you need to select, spec and match solid and process colors. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive a stylish carrying case to protect your investment during trips to the client or on press runs.

The GPS 205 PANTONE Essentials - Six Guides & Carry Case is priced at $349.00



PANTONE reference library is the perfect tool for design firms, print shops, corporate communications or anyone who requires a complete source for graphic color choices. The latest library has been designed with a bold new look to display the most innovative collection of PANTONE guides
and books ever offered:
- formula guides (coated, uncoated, matte)
- color bridge coated
- solid in hexachrome guide coated
- metallic formula guide coated
- pastel formula guide coated/uncoated
- tints four-guide set

The GPS 206 PANTONE Reference Library is priced at $1265.00

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