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Color Bridge

Match solids in process and RGB with the new PANTONE® color bridge™ guide.

An invaluable multi-use color reference tool, use PANTONE color bridge to:
• select and specify solid PANTONE Colors on coated stock
• determine how a PANTONE Color will appear when reproduced in CMYK
• create optimal display of PANTONE Colors on monitors and Web pages

You previously knew this guide as the PANTONE solid to process guide. Now, a new name reflects the substantial enhancements incorporated into this remake of the old favorite, including:
• improved process matches and updated CMYK screen tint percentages
• greater utility with sRGB and HTML values added for solid colors
• increased color area with taller, wider layout
• whiter, more durable coated paper
• produced using a complete digital workflow

The GGS 201 PANTONE Color Bridge Coated is priced at $119.00


4-Color Process Quide

Explore your CMYK color options with the PANTONE 4-color process guide set

The spot color alternative, the PANTONE 4-color process guide set contains over 3,000 chromatically arranged CMYK color combinations on coated and uncoated stock. These guides are an ideal way to visualize, communicate and control colors for type, logos, borders, backgrounds and other graphics treatments. Screen tint percentages are provided to enable accurate color reproduction.

Latest Enhancements
• Longer size format
• Two-column layout
• Slimmer profile
• Whiter more durable coated paper

The GPS 204 PANTONE 4-Color Process Guide Set is priced at $120.00



Metallic Guide & Chips

For the shimmering, sophisticated look that only metallic colors deliver!



All that pizzazz. And then some. This much broader, even more spectacular palette of colors adds impact to printed materials like never before. Now features 301 PANTONE Colors printed on coated stock, complete with ink formulas.

The GG 1207 PANTONE Metalic Formula Guide Coated is priced at $69.99





The PANTONE metallic chips book offers six specification chips for each PANTONE metallic color. You get over 300 brilliant metallics printed on coated paper.


The GB 1204 PANTONE Metallic Chips Coated is priced at $169.00






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