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The following stainless steel rulers are produced by General Tools Manufacturing Company.

64 Stainless Steel Ruler

This is a 6" ruler with clip. It is 1/2" wide with inches in 32nds and 64ths on the front and a decimal equivalent chart on the back. This flexible, stainless steel ruler can be used as a height or depth gauge.


The price of the 64-6 is $3.95.

74 Stainless Steel Ruler

This one-sided 6" ruler with clip is 1/4" wide and has millimeters and inches in 16ths.


The price of the 74-6 is $2.50.

71 Stainless Steel Ruler

This 6" ruler is 3/4" wide with inches in 32nds and 64ths on the front and decimal equivalents on the back.


The price of the 71-6 is $4.95.

73 Stainless Steel Ruler

This two-sided ruler is 1/2" wide and is available in 6", 12", 18", and 24" lengths. It is photo-etched/chrome finished for clear, fine precision lines. The front has inches in 32nds and 64ths; the back is in 10ths and 100ths.


Cat. No. Price ($ US)
73-6 11.95
73-12 19.95
73-18 33.95
73-24 52.95

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