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Scissors & Shears

All Clauss blades are hot-hammer forged, thru-hardened and assembled with a screw so you know you'll cut flimsy tissue or heavy corrugated board true and straight. The blades are double-plated with chrome-over-nickel for a totally rust-resistant finish and a truly long service life. Inexpensive methods of manufacture often result in broken tips, loose adjustment, and generally short life but Clauss manufacturing assures peak performance always.

Zephyr Scissors Series by Clauss

Note: The Zephyr series has been discontinued but limited quantities are still available. Contact us for details.

Zephyr Scissors have precision-shaped stainless steel blades to resist rust and cut in tight places all the way to the tip. The contoured handle provides greater comfort for the operator. They are great for any job, light to medium, and are quality cutting tools for the industry.

205 Zephyr Trimming Scissors

The 205 is used for light trimming with two sharp points. It has a length of 5 1/2" and a length of cut of 2 1/4". The price of the 205-5 1/2 is $11.95.

Zephyr Bent Trimmers

These are used for paper and light fabrics. Comfortable, contoured bent handles for tabletop work.

208, 308, LH308 Zephyr Bent Trimmers

The 208 has a length of 7 1/2" and a length of cut of 3 1/4". The 308 is a heavy duty version of the 208 with a length of 8 1/2" and a length of cut of 3 1/2".. The LH308 is a left-handed version of the 308 for people who prefer a light weight scissor, with red handles for easy identification.

These have all been discontinued.

209 & 211 Zephyr Bent Trimmers

The 209 is the same as the 208 above but with length of 9 1/2" and a length of cut of 4 5/8".  This item has been discontinued.


The 211 has a length of 11 1/2" and a length of cut of 6 1/2" for blueprints and other large cutting jobs. This item has been discontinued,.

330 & 332 Heavy Duty Knife Edge

These large, heavy duty shears can absorb severe punishment over extended periods of time. Knife edge makes for easier cutting action with less effort and stress for the operator. Clauss SureSet locking pivot for adjusting the "run" featured on the 330. The 330 has a full length of 10" and a length of cut of 4 3/8". The 332 has a full length of 12" and a length of cut of 5 1/4". The price of the 330-10 is $39.95, the 332-12 is $39.95.


1718 Editor's Shears

Hot hammer-forged of high carbon steel. Completely double plated chrome-over-nickel for full coverage rust protection. Long, slender, yet flexible blades for trimming, clippings, photos, and other light cutting. The 1718 has a length of 8" and a length of cut of 4". The price of the 1718-8 is $29.95.


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